Hello!  Welcome to the virtual cove of Venessa, The Louisiana Mermaid. What on Earth is a mermaid doing in Louisiana, you ask?  Well, what better dwelling place for a mermaid than a coastal state filled with beautiful wetlands and waterways?  I grew up in rural Avoyelles Parish, on the banks of Bayou des Glaises, near the Atchafalaya River. Water was a constant in my life. It is the element I feel most connected with. It is no wonder that at a very young age, I began develop a keen interest in the myth and folklore surrounding mermaids.  Half woman, half fish, these beautiful sirens bridged the divide between humans on land and the creatures of the deep.  Even as an adult, I never quite let go of my love of the idea of mermaids, which led me to eventually commission a mermaid tail, custom crafted just for me.  Being able to realize this childhood dream of mine was magical in itself. The opportunity to share that magic, inspire others and make a positive impact on my community are just, as we say in Louisiana, lagniappe!