Birthday Parties

Because of my hectic schedule, I am currently not offering birthday party appearances from the Louisiana Mermaid.


Our sister company, Petite Princess, is now owned by the Louisiana Mermaid!  She has two new mermaids that have been trained by Venessa, the Louisiana Mermaid herself.  They provide ALL of the same activities as the Louisiana Mermaid.  The only difference is the difference in costume (fabric tails rather than realistic silicone). Either mermaid through Petite Princess is $225 per 1 hour party.  They are extremely popular and will make your little one’s party magical.  Pictured below are our fun, new mermaids.  Give us a call at 225-347-1981 to book or click here to message us via Facebook.



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The mermaid will show up at your residence (or place of the pool party) and provide swim entertainment with children for 1 hour. This will include pool games,  fun with shells, mermaid scale tattoos, storytime and bubble blowing! The birthday child receives a special gift prepared by the mermaid herself, and the other children receive small favors such as stickers and/or seashells to take home.  I provide my own transporation to and from the party at no additional fee within the East Baton Rouge and Livingston Parish areas.  If the party is beyond this area, a travel fee will be included.

$250 for 1 hour for the Louisiana Mermaid or $225 for 1 hour for The Little Mermaid or Purple Shimmer Mermaid.

You cannot book online, because I would like to discuss your specific party needs and expectations before approving the request.  Please email me at  The Louisiana Mermaid or call 225.347-1981 to do so.  Once we have talked and your date is approved, I will email you an invoice. A $50 non-refundable deposit must be paid within 48 hours to hold your slot. We invoice to your email via Square.  The week prior to the party you will receive in invoice for the remaining balance, which is due the day before the party.

Preferably at your home pool or another private residence.  Pool parties only.  We can discuss the possibility of having it in a public pool, however, these don’t usually work out as well because other kids tend to “crash” the party and want attetnion from the mermaid.  They do not understand I am there for a party and I will not turn away any child that approaches me.

If you cancel your booking, you will not get your deposit back. Your space was held and I may not be abe to rebook that spot in time.

We make every attempt to honor your birthday party booking.  However, on occasion things happen such as extreme illness, acts of God, etc and I may be forced to cancel.  In this case you will be refunded your full deposit amount. Please understand that due to safety reasons we will cancel if there is inclement weather during the time of the party.

Your mermaid is being contracted to provide fun party entertainment for your child.  We are not certified lifeguards and are not responsible for the safety or supervision of the children in the pool.  This cannot stressed enough.  All children must be supervised by adults.   Life vests and floaties encourages for small/weak swimmers.

Children are welcomed to swim along with the mermaid and closely interact with her.  However, for safety reasons, please encourage children not to hang on the mermaid or attempt to “ride” on her back.  This can cause a drowning hazard. Children are naturally very curious about my tail/costume.  They are welcome to touch the fin and ask questions. I love their curiosity! However children that are purposely and unnecesarily destructive (pulling, stomping. etc) will be asked to exit the pool.

We will plan to arrive at your party location 15 minutes before the start of the party to get into costume and enter the pool.  At this time all children should be kept from the pool area to protect the “magic” of the mermaid visit.  Usually when children begin to get tired of the swim portion of the party, parents will move on to cake and presents in a different location from the pool.  This is when I make my exit.  Please arrange to have someone with final payment at this point. I generally prefer to leave the party before the children can see me again in “human” form.

Thank you for considering The Louisiana Mermaid for your child’s birthday party.  It is sure to be an experience they will never forget!


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