Before becoming a professional “mermaid” Venessa Lewis, or the Louisiana Mermaid has worked for more than a decade in the fields of marketing, public relations and graphic design.  She is an expert on crafting a message and targeting an audience as well as developing her own promotional materials!  Not only are you hiring a mermaid, you get the added benefit of a marketing and design expert.  Lewis owns Lewis Graphic Design and also teaches Visual Communication in the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication.



Is your school, library or organization looking for a creative way to engage your students interests in the ocean, Louisiana waterways, sea animals, water safety, etc.?  Or perhaps you are hosting a fairy tale themed event at your school in which a mermaid would fit right in.


Picture 097Inspiration

Are you a photographer looking for a muse?  A mermaid could creatively enhance your portfolio or project spread.  Do you work for a charity or foundation that raises money for children’s charities?  The Louisiana Mermaid is very interested in helping your organization attract attention to your cause. I am available for “wish-granting” events as well as fundraising appearances.



Parades, Festivals, Fundraisers, Ren Faires….anywhere you are looking to draw a crowd with a targeted demographic of families/children, a mermaid is sure to bring in your audience. Events booked by the Louisiana Mermaid are often sold out; it is not unusual for guests to drive from neighboring states to see such a unique attraction. Is your casino, hotel, RV Resort,  or park hosting a special event and you need a “cool” new idea to get their attention?  A mermaid will reel them in!



Louisiana is famous for being a “sportsman’s paradise.” Our beautiful coast, lakes, rivers and marshes provide a scenic backdrop to the many natives and tourists who enjoy the bounty of our waterways and recreational opportunities they offer. If your tourism-based organization is trying to stand out, who better to get their attention than a native “inhabitant” of the water, the Louisiana Mermaid?   I can work with you on marketing packages, meet and greet events, publicity and so much more.



Perhaps you are an advertising agency looking for a unique “hook” for your client’s campaign.  The Louisiana mermaid can work with you on both print, television and multimedia as a model, spokesperson, etc.  Are you an outdoor retailer, aquarium, waterpark or specialty facility that could benefit from the type of positive publicity and enthusiastic fan base a mermaid could bring to your business or product?  As a professional public practitioner(APR) and graphic designer in “human” form, The Louisiana mermaid knows exactly how to work with you on promoting a successful event.




Things I will not do:
As the Louisiana Mermaid, I work very hard at maintaining a family friendly persona.  Children are my biggest fans, and their innocence and protection is of utmost concern to me.  Therefore, I will not work with brands, businesses or products that are not appropriate for my audience.  This would include bars, alcoholic beverages, adult-only entertainment such as bachelor parties (please do not even ask), etc. There are plenty of performers that would be happy to assist you in these areas, the Louisiana Mermaid is not one of them.